Plates (Be hungry)  With hapa rice, tuna-mac salad and SSG Slaw

(Or you may ask for fries and slaw)

Famous 2 Taco Plates

Cajun Grilled Fish (Ono) or Chicken  $13.95

Kal-bi Steak or Cajun Garlic Butter Shrimp  $14.75

Plates that are NOT tacos

Grilled Ono $12      Chicken Breast $12

Choose a topping:   Cajun, Garlic butter, Soy sesame or Mac-nut Pesto!

BBQ Chicken: Boneless Korean-style thighs  $12

Saute’d Cajun Garlic Shrimp  Love your garlic?! This is you!  $14

Boneless Kal-bi Delicious marinated boneless short ribs  $17

Hambuger Steak  w/ Roasted Garlic Brown gravy & fried Onions  $11.25

Mauka Makai:  Choose Kal-bi or BBQ Chicken AND Ono or Garlic Shrimp  $18

SSG exclusive! Mix Plate:  Kal-Bi, BBQ Chicken plus a FISH TACO!  $16

Sandwiches (Yes get a napkin)  Toasted Ciabatta, our chipotle Aioli,

SSG slaw, lettuce and tomato (Sesame bun on request)

Grilled Ono  $9.95  Chicken Breast  $9.95

Choose a topping:  Cajun, Garlic butter, Soy sesame or Mac-nut Pesto!

Kal-bi Steak  $11.25    BBQ Chicken thighs  $9.95

Hot Pastrami 6oz Pastrami w/ Slaw OR Cheese OR Grilled Onions  $10.75

East Coast, West Coast Chicken Breast & Pastrami w/ Cheese  $10.75

Kaiko’s BLT  Bacon, cheese, AND MORE BACON!  $8.25


Sandwiches without Slaw (shocking right?)

Chicken Club  With bacon, cheese, lett/tom, and Pesto or Aioli  $10.75

Classic BLT  on Sesame bun, Aioli – not your boring BLT!  $5.85

Caprese:  Mac Nut Pesto, Buffalo Mozzarella, Tomatoes, Basil, Olive Oil  $8.50


Burgers (Open wide)  6 oz hand pattied beef on toasted ciabatta,

Chipotle Aioli sauce, lettuce and tomato (Sesame bun on request)

SSG Burger:  On a bed of fried onions w/ SSG slaw.  Our 1st burger!  $9.25

Mansions:  We pile Pastrami and cheese on your burger  $11.50

Three’s:  Provolone, pepperjack, AND cheddar cheeses with bacon!  $11.25

Blue Holes:  Blue cheese crumbles with a couple onion rings  $9.25

Incinerators: Cajun, pepperjack, jalapenos, and Franks red hot  $9.25

Cliff’s:  Basic Lettuce, tomato, pickles, but still aioli!  (sesame bun)  $7.25


Get nuts – Add Pickles, Onions, Jalapenos, or Slaw $.75 each

Add Bacon or Cheese (Provolone, pepperjack, cheddar) $1.35 each

Double meat? Sure!  $4.00


Burritos  (No not the bean kind)  Flour Tortilla w/ cajun topped hapa rice,

chipotle Aioli, SSG Slaw, tomatoes and green onions

Grilled Fish (Ono)  $10.25

Grilled Chicken Breast, BBQ Thighs, or Fried Tenders  $9.75

Kal-bi Steak or Cajun Garlic Butter Shrimp  $10.95

Veggie:  Mac-nut pesto, and carrots (no cajun)  $8.50

Burger-rito! Any of our Burgers into a wrap!  (no rice)  see burger price


Salads (so dessert then!)  Local Mixed greens, romaine, English cucumbers,

grape tomatoes, and in-house spicy Vinaigrette or Tangy Aioli Dressing

Full  Salad  $6.95      Side Salad $3.95

Add Grilled Cajun Ono or Chicken (Breast or BBQ thighs)  $4.50

Add Cajun Garlic Shrimp or Kal-bi steak  $6.00

Chicken Club:  Chicken, Bacon, Cheese & Mac-nut Pesto  $12.95

Caprese:  Buffalo Mozzerella, Tomatoes, Basil, Olive oil & Mac-nut Pesto  $9.95

*add Bacon or Cheese to anything!  $1.35


Small Kine hungry?  Kids?  (big kids are ok too)

Ala Carte single tacos!  Fish (Ono) or Chicken  $4.50

Kal-bi steak or Cajun Garlic Butter Shrimp  $4.90

Cheese Quesadilla – Cheddar and Pepperjack w/ side Aioli  $4.25

With Chicken Breast or BBQ thighs $6.25    Kal-bi Steak  $7.75

Plain Hot Dog  $2.50       Plain burger  $5.50

Combo any quesadilla, plain dog or burger with a kids fries or greens $2

Fried Chicken tenders  w/ fries or greens $7.25

Grom Bowls – Bowl of hapa rice w/ Grilled Chicken, Ono,  Kal-Bi or Shrimp $7.75


Fries and da kine  (ummm… stuff)

Regular Fries: Sm $2.75  Large  $4.25  Bombucha $6.25

Cajun Spicy Fries: Sm $3.75  Large  $5.25  Bombucha $7.25

Garlic Butter Fries: Sm $4.25  Large  $6.25  Bombucha $8.25

Suicides Fries:   Cheese, gravy, cheese!  Sm. $4.95, Lrg  $6.95 Bomb $8.95

Chips & Homemade Salsa:   Sm. $3.00, Large  $4.75, Bombucha $6.75

Onion Rings  $4.25

SSG Slaw. Tuna Mac or Rice – Sm  $1.50,  Large  $3.85,  Bomb  $7.50

Don’t forget your extra sides of Aioli (.30)  or Mac-nut Pesto (1.35)


Desserts  (ohhh yeah!) Baked in House Daily. Availability will vary

Featuring our Peanut butter Temptations! (PB cookie w/ Reeses PB cup in the middle!) $.65

Mac-Nut Choc Chip Cookie $.65

Triple choc brownie  $2.25     PB Choc Chip Krispies  $2.95

Lemon Jello Cake  $3.50     2 Layer Choc Cake  $4.60      Pumpkin Crunch   $4.95